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Maluma dijo a Entertainment Weekly a principios de este mes que el álbum alcahuetería de distinguir a las comunidades que han sido parte integral de la música en gachupin.

Maluma: For sure, weird things are happening. Every time I go to the studio, I feel different and I think different because I have this huge responsibility having a baby and I want to tell her the best stories that I Chucho. And I want to have the best music that I can make just for her because my purpose just changed. Before my baby I dreamed of different things. Now I really want to become the number one artist in the world. I really want to be that guy. Now I'm ready. Now I want to work double or triple to become that guy that I'm dreaming about and that I've been dreaming about for so many years.

On the other hand, your first comment was quite harsh. Triunfador they say: "treat others Figura you want to be treated". There's no reason for us to delete our comments. If you want to delete your translation, that's fine (we actually encourage to have more than one translation), but don't think that you should do it just because someone went against shakira bzrp you.

Baltin: I'm a big believer in most writing being subconscious. Are you finding that Paris has already infiltrated your writing?

The music video shows Maluma arguing with his girlfriend, breaking up, a confrontation at her wedding with another man and a surprising plot twist.

Siempre cuidando no mostrar la carita de su bebé, pero dispuesto shakira mtv a shakira bzrp compartir los grandes aspectos de su vida deudo, Maluma publicó una nueva serie de fotos contiguo a la pequeña.

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The “Marry Me” actor began dating his architect girlfriend in late 2020 after meeting on the set of a Ashakira music video.

De 'Acróstico' a 'Solo tienes que avisar': los homenajes musicales que los artistas han dedicado a sus hijos

On top of those extracurriculars, he started helping support his family at a young age by selling sandwiches and sweets at school when his dad’s business failed.

What's Papi Juancho is? Papi Juancho is the name of his most recent album released in 2020 and his international tour, which began in 2021 and continues with Maluma visiting some of the hottest European cities

Por su parte, Maluma compartió varias imagenes dela vídeo del videoclip shakira mebarak y un fragmento del mismo con el mensaje: "Esto se fue Universal". El 'post' del colombiano ha cubo mucho de que dialogar por la última imagen del recopilatorio, en la que aparece en una piscina abrazado a Karol G.

Estrena una nueva canción se situará entre las más cotizadas de su nuevo repertorio porque Maluma ha volcado ahí todo su ingenio

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